Jewellery Care

Now that you’ve received you KP earrings, here are a few ways to keep them clean and looking great!

Handle with care.

Hold your earrings with care, especially when putting them on and taking them off.
Putting too much pressure on them could cause small and delicate details to break.

Keep them clean.

Use a dry or damp cotton bud to carefully remove dust, lint or makeup from your earrings.
Do not use anything rough or sharp that could damage them.

Avoid getting wet.

Although polymer clay can get wet, it’s best to avoid wearing your earrings in heavy rain or the shower,
as the metal posts and finding can discolour.

Store them safely.

Try to avoid dropping your earrings or storing them in a place that could cause them to get damaged or scratched.
Hanging your earrings on a display stand is best!